Joint teaching staff student committee

Dipartimento di Economia, Management e Metodi quantitativi

The Joint Teaching Staff-Student Committee, consisting of an equal number of teachers and students, is a permanent observatory of educational activities that monitors the training offer and the quality of teaching and support services, collecting and discussing students' and teachers' reports and proposals.

The Committee draws up an annual report for each study programme analysing the training offer as a whole, and highlighting criticalities, good practices and suggested improvement actions. The report is based on all student opinions gathered through the questionnaires distributed at the end of the lessons. Under this respect, the contribution of student representatives in the Committee is paramount, as they are also beneficiaries of teaching activities and related services.

The Committee reports are sent to the programme management boards, which will take corrective or improvement actions, as well as to the Independent Evaluation Unit, the Academic Senate and the Quality Assurance Board.

If Joint Teaching Staff-Student Committees are established for more than one study programme, each programme will be represented by at least one teacher and one student. The student component is identified first among and by the student representatives in the Department Board or in the Interdepartmental Academic Board. If there are no elected representatives for each programme, the Committee will identify the students through a specific selection process called by the Committee president.

Joint Teaching Staff-Student Committee members